Mafia III (Intl Version) – Action & Shooter – Xbox One


148.00 ر.س



  • Player assume control of Lincoln Clay, a Vietnam War veteran on a quest to seek revenge for his adopted family, who are murdered by local mobs
  • The game is set in 1968 New Bordeaux, a re-imagined version of New Orleans, with the game world being larger than the Mafia and Mafia II maps combined
  • Mafia III’s map is made up of ten districts: Bayou Fantom, Delray Hollow, Barclay Mills, Frisco Fields, Pointe Verdun, Tickfaw Harbor, Southdowns, River Row, Downtown, and the French Ward
  • Players can complete objectives using a variety of approaches
  • Introduces a compelling storyline that keeps you engrossed till the end

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