Guardians of Galaxy: Cosmic Deluxe Edition- Intl Version – Fighting – PlayStation 5 (PS5)


299.00 ر.س



  • Lead the Guardians of the Galaxy – You play Star-Lord, and your brave fighting style allows everything from elemental blasters to dropkicks with your jet boots to tag team tactics. Give the orders with the Guardians at your side and overwhelm your opponents with characteristic attacks. In the meantime, your decisions in the course of the trip have sometimes careless to completely unexpected consequences.
  • Brand New Story – Your newly formed group of legendary outsiders must save the universe in this fresh but true-to-original version of the Guardians of the Galaxy. Somehow you start a chain reaction of catastrophic events that lead to a wild ride through fantastic worlds populated by familiar and new Marvel characters. Tune in to the 80s mix tape full of stars and get ready for action.
  • From outsiders to superheroes – only you hold the unpredictable Guardians together, so you need to get this leadership thing under control quickly. With this weird quasi-family by your side, there will be sadness and joy when you plunge into the cosmos together. Whatever is waiting around the next corner, you can be sure it will be a blast.

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