Far Cry New Dawn Superbloom – Adventure – Xbox One


89.00 ر.س



  • Superbloom Edition – Includes Full Game + The Hurk Legacy Pack which contains a machinegun skin, a vehicle skin and a new outfit for your character. Challenge your enemies and the definition of good taste with these skins
  • In this latest instalment of the award-winning Far Cry franchise, you are the last line of defence in a transformed, post-apocalyptic Hope County
  • Help the community of Survivors grow stronger, craft a makeshift arsenal through escalation and cross-country expeditions and form unexpected alliances to fight for survival in a dangerous new frontier
  • In Hope County, Montana, the remaining populace has gathered into different groups, each with their own rules for survival
  • Seventeen years after a global nuclear catastrophe, civilization re-emerges from the chaos to find a world dramatically changed

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