CAPCOM Resident Evil : Revelations (Intl Version) – Action & Shooter – PlayStation 4 (PS4)


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With a focus on delivering quality products to a wide audience, Capcom has worked diligently to create innovative and exciting sequels to existing popular franchises with the aim of growing its customer base and strengthening its revenues. Monster Hunter is one of Capcom’s many popular franchises, and since its 2004 debut, the series has grown to include 50 titles and a plethora of merchandise, firmly establishing it as one of the premier franchises in all of video games. Another popular Capcom series, Resident Evil, which effectively created the survival horror genre, has also established itself as a prominent franchise recognized throughout the world. The games have continued to appeal to a wide variety of fans by delivering a fresh take for each entry, with the series now growing to 141 titles and over 110 million units in cumulative sales worldwide. At Capcom, we strongly believe that providing innovative sequels to beloved franchises increases recognition of our products, while also increasing customer loyalty. As always, we will to strive to exceed the expectations of series fans by continuing to provide the freshest, most innovative forms of entertainment. Engine – MT Framework

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